Specialty Groups Information

Are you new to pediatric nutrition? Are you are a veteran of many years? Is there a particular area of pediatrics that sparks your interest?

Pediatric nutrition encompasses many developmental phases as well as medical and nutrition diagnoses. These can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time! To help you connect with others who are doing similar exciting work, and to help during the overwhelming moments, we offer 6 Specialty Groups (SGs).  Each SG is lead by a Chair and Co- Chair to facilitate members’ professional development. Any member of PNPG can be a member of any or all SGs. SG members have the opportunity to:
  • Network with other pediatric dietitians
  • Find needed resources
  • Share projects and experiences

All the Specialty Groups are listed below.  PNPG Members can join any group/community or all of them.

Children with Special Health Care Needs

This SG is for members of the PNPG who work with infants, children and adolescents with any and all chronic health conditions including cerebral palsy, autism, various genetic syndromes, inborn errors of metabolism, etc. This group is a great way to network with colleagues, stay up to date on new resources, and receive technical assistance and professional support. 

Diabetes, Wellness & Weight Management

A group designed to connect you with other professionals working or interested in wellness, weight management, and diabetes within the realm of pediatrics. This group offers you a variety of resources including an open forum for questions, annual newsletters, resource lists, and updated case studies using the Nutrition Care Process.  

Failure to Thrive, Gastroenterology & Allergy

This SG welcomes all PNPG members who work with pediatric patients from birth through adolescence who are experiencing growth, gastroenterologic, and allergic conditions. It serves as a forum for asking questions, comparing notes, and sharing ideas and resources to improve patient care.    

Infant Nutrition, Breast Feeding & Neonatology

This SG provides dietetic professionals with a forum for sharing ideas and discussing issues that affect us in our everyday practice of caring for healthy and sick infants.  We are instrumental in the promotion, protection, and preservation of breastfeeding and breastmilk feeding as optimal nutrition for most all infants, as well as supporting optimal growth during this crucial time in a child's life. Working together through this professional group is a great way to stay current and connected!    

Nutrition Support Services

This SG is comprised of pediatric dietitians who support parenteral and enteral nutrition for their patients. Nutrition Support RDs who obtain much of their practice guidance from ASPEN and Dietitians in Nutrition Support will find the NSS-SG to provide pediatric specific information and updates.  

Eating Disorders, Adolescents

This SG provides an opportunity to learn more about eating disorders, and other nutrition-related issues in adolescents. We want to help you stay updated on the most current information and resources available in this field of practice!